SEO and Advertising on Google

The design of the site alone will not be beneficial for your organization without optimizing its pages for Google. Consider this when the site is designed, you are just at the bottom of the pit that nobody is listening to you, and you have to send your voice out the pit through ads and SEO.


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External SEO

A set of activities is done outside your site in order to advertise and obtain credit for your website. The core of External SEO is to produce backlink for the site.

Internal SEO

A set of activities is done on your site, such as optimizing site structure, number of keywords, Meta tags, Alt photos, internal links and content.

SEO Strategy Development

A codified program is created for your SEO by analyzing competitors and based on which your site pages will be optimized on search engines.

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Link Building

According to the developed program, link building is done for the site.


A report is provided to the employer about the actions taken.

Keywords research

Your proper keywords will be extracted to produce content for SEO.


The SEO process is being reviewed through analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Google Webmaster.


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