Starting digital marketing process by developing digital marketing strategy

According to Smartinsight’s Managing Digital Marketing Study, 46% of brands do not have a defined digital marketing strategy, while 17% are attracted to developing a digital marketing strategy, but they have not yet integrated with their marketing activities.

How can you expect growth and profitability if you do not have a schedule for implementing digital marketing services?

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Integrated Communication Tools Design

Different tools are available in the digital world. But the existence of various tools is not a reason to use them all. Your communication plan is designed seamlessly with other parts of your organization based on your goals and budget.

Identifying customers and designing the persona of the audiences

Target customers need to be identified to design and send messages through communication channels, in order to have a clear view of our customers. Finally, creating a customer persona helps you identify the life of your existing customers and their motivations.

Online Market Research

The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and status of the competitors are determined by analyzing your business and industry with SWOT.

Nadin Idea Strategic Services

All You Need
Strategy development based on the latest frameworks

We will do this for you with the most updated principles.


The program will be integrated with the organization’s offline strategy.

Digital Marketing Calendar

Digital marketing calendar is prepared based on your business and your marketing goals.


At this stage, performance is examined whether we have reached the goals or not.